OUTFIT - grey dress and pearls

Mango dress (new) | Six necklace | H&M tights | Chanel earrings | Esprit boots

This dress kind of reminds me of Serena's style in Gossip Girl! I love the clothing styles in Gossip Girl. They are often my inspiration. For example, I always wear black tights, but when I was flipping through some photos of Blair Waldorf, I noticed that she was wearing white or bright coloured tights in every single one and I loved it! So, the next day I went to H&M and got myself burgundy, grey (which I am wearing in these photos) and gold tights. Coloured tights were never really my thing, but now I love experimenting with them. I think that these grey tights make this outfit more interesting. Are you fond of coloured tights? xoxo (in Gossip Girl style of course!) Aimee


  1. wat een leuke outfit!!

  2. Jij bent echt een mooi meisje!

  3. Leuk jurkje! In gossip girl hebben ze altijd zulke leuke kleding aan :)

  4. Ik houd niet van gekleurde panty's. Dit is mooi :).

  5. Schattige, maar klassieke outfit! Staat je goed :)

    x. Michelle

  6. Ah ik ben zo gek op de styling van Gossip girl!
    Door jou ga ik ook maar eens kijken naar andere kleurtjes :)


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